How Long Does It Take To Recover From A Facelift In Miami?

Rhytidectomy, or commonly known as a face lift, is a great way to combat any signs of aging. People are often concerned about unwanted sagging skin, wrinkles, and double chin, and the Miami face lift is an effective healer to help patients achieve a more natural and youthful appearance. Over the years, one of the concerns related to the facelift procedure is its lengthy recovery process. But due to advances in plastic surgery, the recovery process became shorter and faster than ever. Consequently, a Miami face lift is becoming a trend!

Each patient has different facial problems. Therefore, the facelift procedure for each patient varies along with the recovery process. On average, it takes about a month for them to fully recover from surgery.

Days after the initial procedure: Rest and small movements are essential!

During this recovery phase of the facelift, some discomfort is rampant. However, there is no significant pain as pain relievers make patients feel comfortable when they experience swelling and bruising. They are common and are part of the healing process. Also, your body takes a long time to heal. We encourage patients to rest and walk slowly in their spare time when possible, as movements are beneficial during the initial stage of the recovery process, but they refrain from strenuous activities. Patients must also remain calm as the end results they desire are not yet apparent.

One week after the facelift procedure: significant progress

In this recovery phase, you will begin to see better results. You will start to be more active than last week. Bruising and swelling are slightly apparent and still make you feel uncomfortable. You should never apply some heat as it affects the incision area and makes it even worse. Follow a routine that your public surgeon gave you.

Two weeks after the facelift procedure: return to normal rhythm

In this recovery process, swelling and bruising are now minimal. You can return to work as long as you are not doing heavy and strenuous tasks. It is normal to feel some sensations such as tingling on the skin as the face is healing and the swelling becomes minimal. Follow the exact instructions given by your plastic surgeon.

One month after the facelift procedure: approaching the finish line

More swelling has disappeared at this stage. There may be some areas where the swelling is still evident, but it should only be minimal. If you still feel some sensations such as tight skin or tingling, you should not be alarmed or worried, as they are common in the recovery process.

After months spent in the recovery process, the side effects caused by the facelift are now less noticeable. Now you can enjoy a more youthful and renewed appearance without having some signs of incisions, swelling, bruising and tightness. You can resume all the activities you normally did before surgery.

Things to ponder

Always keep in mind that the time frame is just a general time frame. Everyone will have a unique experience in the recovery process from plastic surgery. If you experience any symptoms that you consider out of the ordinary, do not hesitate to consult us.